Runbox Mail Sign Up

Create a free 30-day trial Runbox Mail account to get 100 MB storage or upgrade to subscription-based service with the price plan from $19.95 per year. See full price plans as bellow:

Micro Mini Medium Max

1 GB email storage

5 GB email storage

10 GB email storage 25 GB email storage
@runbox.com only 5 email domains 10 email domains 25 email domains
100 email aliases 100 email aliases 100 email aliases 100 email aliases
$19.95 billed annually
$34.95 billed annually
$49.95 billed annually
$79.95 billed annually
Additional Micro accounts
$7.95 annually
Additional Mini accounts
$14.95 annually
Additional Medium accounts
$24.95 annually
Additional Max accounts
$34.95 annually


How to login to Runbox Mail

  1. Visit runbox.com. Click "Sign Up for a Free Trial".runbox sign up 1
    If you can’t see the "Sign up for a Free Trial" button as in the photos above, you can scroll down and find another "Sign up" link.
    runbox sign up 2

  2. Enter your information in the registration form. Choose the type of account you want to create: individual account or business account.
    runbox sign up 3
    Username are unique and from 4 to 32 characters. Letters, numbers, dots ("."), hyphens ("-") and underscore ("_") are allowed.
    Your password must be from 8 to 64 characters long, is case sensitive, include letters, number and special characters, avoid common words and names, must not be similar to username.
    Alternative email is obligatory, you can enter your available email address from any email service. Runbox will send an confirmation code to your email to activate your Runbox account.
    Don’t forget checking the box "I have read and accepted the Terms of Service."

  3. Click "Set up my Runbox Account".

  4. Now you have created a new account.