Mailfence Sign Up

Mailfence is a webmail site that offers end-to-end encryption and digital signatures. Launched in 12 November 2013 by ContactOffice Group, Mailfence believe that privacy is a right, not a feature. Mailfence offers highly secure email and collaboration service which respects the privacy of users.

Mailfence is available in: French language, German language, Spanish language.

Create a new Mailfence Account

  1. Visit mailfence.com. Click "Sign me up" or scroll down to find the sign up section in the bottom of page.
    mailfence sign up 1
    If the website is not in your prefered language, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can choose the language you can use easily in the 3 languages Mailfence offers: English, French and German.
    mailfence sign up 2

  2. Enter your information in the registration form.
    mailfence sign up 3
    Enter your current email address in the "Email" textbox. Mailfence will send a confirmation link to your current email.
    Username must be unique, and at least 7 characters long. Letters, numbers, hyphens ("-") and underscore ("_") are allowed.
    Your password must be at least 10 characters long, is case sensitive, include special characters, avoid common words and names, must not be similar to username.

  3. A confirmation link will be sent to the email address you typed in a minute, click the link in the mail and you will be taken to Mailfence confirmation page. Click "Enter" (Entrer in French or Eingeben in German).
    mailfence sign up 4

  4. Now you go to your Mailfence Inbox!
    mailfence sign up 5