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What is Mailfence? Mailfence is a webmail site that offers end-to-end encrypted email service and digital signatures. Launched in 12 November 2013 by ContactOffice Group, Mailfence believe that privacy is a right, not a feature. Mailfence offers highly secure email and collaboration service which respects the privacy of users. The company commits not to use any third-party advertising or marketing trackers, never commercialize their databases or share data with any third-party for targeted advertising or any other purpose, even the government. Located in Belgium, Mailfence commits that privacy is protected by laws, all national and international surveillance requests must go through a Belgian court.

Email sent with Mailfence is encrypted by user's browser and decrypted by the intended recipients.

Unlike some other secure email services, Mailfence offers n integrated suite of tools with their email service: Messages, Calendar, Documents, Contacts and Groups supporting email, instant message and file sharing. Start with free plan, you can upgrade your account for more storage limit and instant support from 2,50 € per month.

If you don't have any account yet, click here to create a Mailfence account.

How to sign into Mailfence

  1. Visit mailfence.com
  2. Enter your Mailfence username and password in the textbox in the top right of the webpage. Click "Enter".
    mailfence login

  3. Now you go to your Mailfence Inbox.