What is Mail.ru? Mail.ru is a major email service in Russia provided by Mail.Ru Group. It was started in 1998 and reached approximately 86% of Russian Internet users on a monthly basis.

Mail.Ru Group offers a variety of online communication products and entertainment services for Russian speakers all over the world:

  • Email & portal – email, main page, content projects
  • Social networks – VKOK.ru, My World
  • Instant messaging – Agent, ICQ
  • Online Games – MMO games, Social games, Mobile games
  • Search & e-commerce – Search, Headhunter, Price comparison
  • My.com — integrated communication and entertainment platform.
  • Cloud - cloud storage similar to Dropbox, apps available for PC and smartphones
  • DST Global – private equity and venture capital investments.

If you don't have any account yet, click here to create a Mail.ru account.

How to sign into Mail.ru on the web

  1. Visit the login page at Mail.Ru, or visit the mail.ru homepage

  2. Enter your Mail.Ru address and password in the given textbox. If you visit the mail.ru homepage, you can find the login box in the left.
    Mail.ru login
    If you visit Mail.Ru with the link above, you can login Mail.Ru with other email address, such as Yandex, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail...
    Mail.ru login 2

  3. Click "войти". Your Mail.Ru is ready to use.