AOL Mail Sign In

You need to have an AOL account in order to login to AOL Mail. AOL account gives you permission to access all AOL services, such as AOL Mail, AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)... Creating AOL account is free and easy, if you don't have an AOL account, click here to create an AOL account.

How to login to AOL Mail on the web

  1. Go to mail.aol.com. Or you can visit aol.com, click the link "Login/Join" in the top right corner of the webpage, remember that if you sign in to your AOL account in this way, you will be redirected to AOL homepage after signing in.
    AOL login

  2. When AOL Mail sign in page appears, enter your email address or username in the text box and click Next, e.g. [email protected] or johnsmith2000

  3. Fill the next box with your password. The letters and numbers will only appear as **** for security purposes.
    aol login

  4. Press "Enter" or click "Sign In" button. Now your AOL Mail is ready to use.